Danske kunstnere for natur og miljø

Danish artists for nature and environment



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Danish artists for nature and environment


We are a group of artists who enjoy drawing and painting in nature.

In our pictures we often combine scientific knowledge of nature with the artistic expression.

We also have a shared interest in protecting and educating others about natural environments and their fauna and flora.


Since 1999 a number of organisations and institutions have invited us to participate in wildlife art projects in a variety of very different landscapes around Denmark. Along with alternating visiting artists members of DANE draw and paint for a week or two. Later our artwork is displayed in various exhibitions. Since 2001 a number of books have been published. They show a selection of the pictures and discribe nature in the area we have visited.


Merete Jürgensen: Harebel

and Common Toadflax

      Niels Peter Andreasen. Peregrine on Møns Klint.

                            Leif Madsen. Dandelions